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Premarital/Engagement Coaching

Engaged?  Congratulations! Start by taking time to focus on building a foundation for your marriage through Premarital Coaching.  I have discovered in my work with couples the more you are willing to have a deeper understanding of yourself and your partner prior to marriage the healthier your relationship will be.  

What does premarital coaching look like?  My setup for premarital therapy is based on each couple's needs.  Every relationship is unique so we will work together to establish how I can best support you.  Some couples choose to go the through the more traditional therapy process, with weekly or frequent appointments.  

Other couples may choose a premarital coaching package where I offer a 4 or 6 session coaching package (3 sessions before wedding, 1 follow-up or 4 sessions before the wedding, 2 follow-up).  My approach to the premarital coaching package is to make an enjoyable and meaningful journey. I strongly believe in using tools and resources that help you build a stronger understanding of yourself and your partner. 

We will look at your family of origins, expectations for your wedding day, finances, intimacy, how to fight fair, understanding your partner’s personality, individual and relationship dreams/goals. Please click below to schedule a free consultation or a first session.


Thinking about taking the next step in your relationship? There are a variety of significant decisions couples make that can impact you individually and your relationship. As a Relationship Coach my goal is to guide you through these significant steps in your relationship. I work with couples to help them understand themselves and their partner through through different decision making processes. We work to identify personality types, communication styles, navigating conflicts, expectation management, and relationship goals. The goal of commitment coaching is to provide a tool for couples to increase connection and communication. Whether the decision is making a long term commitment or your financial management planning having a Relationship Coach can be the best investment for your journey forward as a couple.

  • Cohabiting

  • Joining Finances

  • Co-parenting/step-parenting

  • Pre-engagement

  • Conflict Resolution/Healthy communication patterns

  • Enneagram/personality insight