Couples Therapy

Often taking that first step towards seeking a couples therapist can feel overwhelming.  When relationships have experienced multiple stressors, whether positive or negative, it can often create an imbalance in the relationship.  Couples find themselves not feeling heard or every attempt at communicating ends in an argument.  One goal I have for couples is to discover how to have a difficult conversation and stay in the same room.  Often having a therapist guide you through these conversations can be helpful in creating new options instead of reverting to established negative patterns.  

I strongly believe in guiding couples to understand themselves and their partners personalities, including their strengths and growth .  Once you can have a deeper understanding of how you and your partner are wired there is more room in the relationship for compassion and understanding rather than shame and judgement.

Each person in the relationship comes with their own history and through working collaboratively with you we can discover ways to move forward in your relationship.